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Favourite moments in the Almighty Johnsons [17/???]

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I fucking love Lifetime movies’ names. There’s soooo cheesy especially the ones i the 90’s and early 00’s.

My phone brings dishonor and shame to the Nokia name

6 year old fan asks Sebastian a question.

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you mean a bird of seduction 

If you didn’t know, I am this owl

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So I started playing this game called Landmark which is this Everquest minecraft type of a game which is in closed beta buuuut I’m wondering if I have any friends playing it too. If so just hit me up and we can switch names tho if you know me, you can probably guess what my name is.

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Hello friends! SPWF is coming up and because of some stupid hold at the college, I have no money for 2 weeks! Huzzah! So I’m opening up some emergency crochet commissions. Everything will go through paypal and I’ll take payments first. Please no SPG characters, but I can make your OC’s! 

Also for the upcoming Easter Holiday I can make you a collection of decorative Soft cloth dyed Eggs! These make great toys for youngsters!

Chibis will take about a week.

12 inch dolls with take about two weeks.

And the Super High Detail ones can be from 2-4 weeks depending. 

Eggs, Candy Corns, Pokeballs, Hearts, Can be done in a few days. I have a huge assortment of colors so let me know and I can send you a picture sample!

Have a particular hat in mind? Let me know! I can make Kitties, Bears, Dogs, Lambs, Bunnies, and anything you could think of! Depending on their detail they will be between $25-30!

So I don’t fall behind I’m opening up 5 slots at the moment for any type of doll or Hats. (Because those take some time to design as well) But the others are open! Send me an ask and let me know!

Thanks guys! Please spread it around!

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